Earlier this week, I saw a tweet made by a medical doctor who is board certified in Obesity Medicine, in which he said “In a world where ultra-processed foods are cheap and accessible this notion that ppl should ‘just cut them out’ bc they are problematic is not practical for most.”

It’s a theme echoed frequently throughout the medical establishment, that when it comes to food that is killing us, it’s “impractical” to make changes that could sustainably reverse obesity and restore metabolic health.

Who’s to decide what is “practical” when someone else’s life literally hangs in the balance?


Photo by Chris S. Cornell,

My wife always lets me know when there’s something interesting going on in our backyard, but I knew from the tone of her voice this morning that I was about to see something shocking. I grabbed the camera off the dining room table and headed quickly for the kitchen.

A deer looking for water in the drought-stricken Loganberry Pond had become swallowed up by the thick dark mud, and looked like it was in jeopardy of going completely under. …

There are times when it’s appropriate to just walk away. This is not one of them.

The first week back from vacation is always difficult, but this past week was absolutely non-stop. Trying to catch up on several projects, it was a week filled with late nights and early mornings. I missed a couple of workouts and struggled to keep my nutrition plan on track. But fortunately, I’ve learned enough from a growing list of mentors I’ve found on Twitter over the past two years, that I’ve been able to manage to get through without too many problems.

Many of…

I have to admit I was more than a little flattered when Simply Snackin’ founder Sue Kramlich sent me a Twitter direct message last week, asking me if I’d be willing to review her company’s “delicious low carb protein snacks”?

I was also a bit concerned that she might have been reading my diary.

I cannot tell you how many times while on long car trips that I’ve stopped at rest stops with the hope of finding a good low carb ‘snack’ to hold me over for a couple more hours… only to flip over a dozen or more ‘protein’…

I love photography for its predictable nature. You can plan out every detail, from shutter speed and aperture, to lighting and lens focal length — and in many respects you know exactly what you’re going to get.

But just as NBA Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing was prepared when his Knicks squared off against the Lakers, his knees would still occasionally buckle when Magic Johnson would throw one of his trademark no-look passes.

NO LOOK MAGIC — Magic Johnson makes a no-look pass as Patrick Ewing defends. ©Chris S. Cornell

The best photographers use their experience (and learn from the experiences of others — through reading, watching videos, and networking) to prepare for every imaginable outcome. …

I first heard those words on a country music station while driving back to New York on a recent Sunday afternoon. They’re the title of a song by popular country band Old Dominion, and those words instantly resonated.

The guy in the song is owning up to some rather serious shortcomings, and he’s hoping the woman to whom his words are directed will find a way to forgive him.

I know you’re hurt, I know it’s my fault

But I’ve kept “I’m sorry” locked in a vault

I know that time just keeps going on

And words by themselves can’t…

One of my relatives has been dealing with the effects of Type 2 diabetes for years. Just last week, he went to the hospital for emergency dialysis, and he’ll now have to undergo dialysis treatments three times per week indefinitely.

While visiting him at the hospital, I happened to see a stack of papers he received from a nutritionist, designed to ‘educate’ him about what he should and shouldn’t eat once he returned to his home. …

I’ve previously written about how I used Twitter to find a path to sustainable weight loss. Tuesday morning I awakened still frustrated by a disappointing workout the day before, and decided to see if anyone in the Twitterverse was willing to throw out a few suggestions.

My tweet basically asked for any advice that might help me in my quest to improve my bench press strength. My goal is to get at least one more personal best on bench before I start sliding down the back side of the proverbial hill.

DAY 1 of new workout. 5 reps at 245 pounds. Set 1 of 5.

I pushed out a single bench press rep…

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of speaking via Skype with Mike, who runs the CarnOMAD YouTube Channel. The video went live early this morning, and, despite my lack of experience with this type of thing, I thought Mike did an excellent job turning it into a decent interview.

Advice from people like @GuyNAustin helped me regain my health after reaching a weight of 278 pounds in my early 50s. This was the image he posted on YouTube to promote our recent interview.

I’ve gotten to know Mike on Twitter, where he goes by the name @GuyNAustin, and posts a great deal about nutrition with a slant towards low-carb, ketogenic, and carnivore ways of eating. One of Mike’s primary objectives is sharing information that can help people lose weight and improve health. …

I had just finished burying the second of four cats that perished in a fire which had gutted the home of a good friend. The other two cats had not yet been found amid the burned and smoke-filled brick shell of a home. Thankfully, my friend had not been physically injured in the blaze, but the fire had damaged or destroyed nearly all of her possessions, and had taken the lives of her four beloved companions.

We had found her first cat the evening after the fire had occurred, after several hours of sifting through singed and soot-covered belongings in…

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